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Aura Of Shiva and Its Principle In Our Life !!!

They say a picture is worth a thousand words.

Om Namah Shivaya ……. one of the very powerful mantras which builds the energy in your system and clears the environment and are those energizing sounds which help to uplift the consciousness.

Mantras are greater than the power of the horoscope. Whatever be the effects of the planets, you can remove them by chanting Om Namah Shivaya.

It’s  first Monday after Maha Shiv Ratri , it is a day when we pray to Lord Shiva, the lord of destruction. But there is more to Lord Shiva than simply being the only God. He has multiple shades to his personality, and is one god who can truly teach us the wisdom to live life and incorporate certain key principles into our personal and professional life.

Here are things Lord Shiva symbolizes and what we learn from such imagery.

Third Eye

Symbolism : Seeing with the mind’s eye, beyond what’s visible

Ever looked at a task and thought about how impossible or unattainable it is? Well, that is where this principle comes in. The third eye of Lord Shiva symbolises that we must not always believe what we see until we are able to see it from the mind’s eye. This means whenever we face an adverse circumstance, then we must not keep on thinking about what we see in front of us. Rather than focusing on the problem by its visual appeal, we must focus on the topics that are beyond the problems. We must give our mind enough time to think about the solution to the problem and must perceive the situation from all the aspects. So, if it is losing weight  to fit into a size zero dress, eating right for a whole month or giving up an addiction,remember that  it is all attainable if you simply put your mind to it.

Matted Hair

Symbolism : Unison of mind, body and soul 

Whether we want to focus better at work, study harder, concentrate better or aim at achieving better health condition, then a unison between your mind, body and spirit is key to achieving anything.  If we are able to focus on our mind, boy and soul, then we can peacefully carry on our tasks and a peaceful mind helps in releasing the happy hormones that keeps us protected from stress and tensions. When we work peacefully, we save our energies in doing constructive things and we are able to face difficulties with a smile on our face.



Symbolism : Controlling your ego, mind and intellectual self.

Lord Shiva’s weapon Trishul is the indicator of controlling your ego, mind and intellectual self. If you are challenged to do something which your mind does not permit and out of ego, you do it to show off yourself, then you have no control over your mind, intellect and ego. Uncontrolled ego can be your biggest enemy and may destroy your individualistic charm. It may make you angry, irritated and frustrated and such people are mostly disliked by everyone. You need to think logically from your mind and keep aside your ego and stay grounded. If you have complete control on your mind, then you will able to take better decisions and you will feel great when you express your true self. Instead of letting your ego kill your beautiful persona, kill it and see how much people will start adoring you. So whether you want to function better at work, at your studies or simply live a stress free life.

Mediative Pose 

Symbolism : Level of concentration


In today’s busy life, people are constantly in stress regardless of their age and they find it difficult to keep themselves focused. Being calm during your everyday battles can not only help you sort issues out with better clarity but it also helps you stay healthier. So whether it is an irritating colleague, an annoying co-passenger in the crowded trains or simply something else that is irritating, breath in deep and calm your mind. Remember decisions made in anger are usually bad ones.

Thus highlighting the fact that you can win half the battle just by being calm in a stressful situation. It’s really the best strategy to sorting out a problem.

Vibhuti (Bhasama)

Symbolism : Everything in Life is temprorary, even your own body

Nothing lasts forever, even our body! Life is momentary, whatever is happening now is temporary and shall never last forever. If you have everything you wished for, enjoy NOW! If you are going through a hard time, Don’t Worry, It will be over!!!

Simply live the NOW! Once, you understand this; you will never have to regret about your past or present again.

You did not bring anything with you when you were born and you will take nothing when you go from here. Only your soul is immortal. Keep your soul clean by living life with content and happiness while keeping others happy too.

However, it doesn’t mean that you completely give up on everything, just make sure that you don’t turn commitments into obsessions.

Blue throat

Symbolism: Suppression of the evil (anger)

Shiva once drunk some deadly poison that was thrown up by the ocean , in order to protect the world’s inhabitants. Shiva kept the poison at the level of his neck, because if he let it reach his stomach it would have been harmful. Therefore his neck is dark blue, which is the color of the poison.

The poison represents all the negativity and evil in the world. The negativity and evil tendencies are symbolized by the poison. But it is important not to allow this poison to actually affect and harm us . It is easy to unknowingly take up negativity if we are surrounded by it, but through vigilance and care this can be avoided. This is the meaning of “keeping the poison at the neck”, whereby it is kept at a level that we can manage without allowing it to poison us.

So the next time you feel angry go work out, go for a run or simply take up a form of martial arts. Not only will this keep you healthy it will also make you very happy.

Snake Around his Neck

Symbolism: Controlling of one’s Ego

The snake around the neck of Lord Shiva symbolizes the controlling of one’s ego so that you can be free both physically and mentally. Ego is your worst enemy, so let it go!

It is your ego that comes between your goals and your dreams, and makes you a less loving person. It is said that Shiva carried his trishul to keep his ego in check. He never let his ego get the better of himself. On the other hand, nor did he tolerate anyone else’s ego.


Symbolism: Respect your better half

Shiva was ‘Ardhanarishwar’, where half of him was Parvati. He treated Parvati with utmost respect and care. She was his ‘shakti’ and he gave her the importance she deserved.


Symbolism: Getting Rid Of Evil

Lord Shiva’s musical instrument, Damroo is a significance of getting rid of evil and unnecessary desires from the body. Eliminating evil from the body means cleansing your body and making it free from diseases through proper exercise and healthy diet. You must bring some activeness into your life in the form of exercise and yoga and must have control on your untimely food cravings. You must take utmost care of your health and develop high will power through exercising.


Symbolism: Purification Of Mind

Kamandalam or Water pot of Lord Shiva symbolises purification of mind. You have lived your life worthlessly if you have not eliminated negativity from your mind and focused on positivity. Pessimistic approach drains your knowledge, talent and skills and kills your soul’s beauty. Negativity attracts stress, tensions, poor health and you are least likely to cherish the life given to you. You need to opt positive approach in your life to help your mind think productively and to enjoy life with a cheerful SMILE on your face.

Goddess Ganga Trapped In his head

Symbolism: Don’t Ignore minute details while taking decisions.

Holy Ganga river flowing down from the matted hair of Lord Shiva signifies clarity and understanding of everything. Many times, we take decisions on the basis of handful of knowledge that we have with us. We tend to ignore having complete details about the matter before pronouncing our decision. Be it at workplace, relationships, fitness routine, studies, etc, we jump into conclusions by getting influenced from other people without proper understanding of the matter. But this can lead us in taking wrong decisions which may give rise to many other problems in future. So the next time you confront a situation where you have incomplete details, don’t embark upon a decision on basis of other’s advices. Trust your knowledge and then take decisions.

That is the reason I called this article as “Aura Of Shiva” because his key principles in life will help us to achieve mental peace and deal with any situation in life.

Om Namah Shivaya


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