January 18

Being a Father !!!

The Moment a Child is born, the Mother is also born…. as she never existed before. Something absolutely new to her but what about Father??? If one gives life….then the other teaches how to live life.

The Role of the Father is less defined in our society than the Role of the Mother. Definitely the role as a Mother is tough ….neither it’s been easier for a  father. Life also changes for him when you have a child, when you have your own family. He becomes more careful . You’re not going to be out late, going out to clubs, hanging out with your friends. You’re going to be at home, taking care of your kids, playing with them.

 A father is every daughter’s first Love and every son’s first Hero!!!

Because every daughter knows no matter what, he will be never break her heart and every son knows that no matter what, difficulties life may throw upon him he will always  be strong and face them.

A father’s love is irreplaceable. He may love his child differently, but it always comes from his heart. Nothing in this world can replace the feeling that our father’s love can give us.

Fathers are the perfect beings to show love. They may not be as expressive as our mother, cute like our brother or super jolly like our sister, but in the end, they are the ones who deeply cares enough about us. One who is solid foundation of our lives. They are the shore we swim to when our arms and legs feel increasingly tired and also the strength we rely on as we take our first tentative steps into our world. His sacrifice, unconditional love gives us time to think and realize that what we have given back to our father.

First of all, a father’s love is eternal. Dads can be Tender, Tough, Fragile or Powerful at times …..but they are probably the most uncomplicated love we will ever know.  He will be there to guide you as you grow up to lead you to a better future. Even though he has disabilities, he will do his best to be there for you. He was there from the first second of your life and still will be there till your last breath.

Secondly, in connection with this love the father can give, he also teaches his child . When a father tries to discipline his child, the child sometimes misunderstands what his father is trying to do. It causes quarrel sometimes between the two , that may lead to rebellion. But all he wanted is to bring out the best in his child and lead this child to a good future because for him his child is the source of his happiness.

Have you ever notice, When a father throws his child up in the air ……..there is always a trust and confidence in child that his dad is there to catch him. This builds the foundation of healthy, long-term emotional growth.

Mothers often guide their children’s play by showing kids how their toys work, teaching them about functionality and rules. Fathers have often been observed engaging in a different kind of play: teaching children how to use toys and everyday objects in unexpected ways.

Lastly, a father’s love is with no doubt, unconditional. No matter what will happen, he will always love you. He will give up everything for the better of his child. He will face every trial unconditionally just to give what is best for his child. He would really do everything for his love for his child.

Being a father, in a matured daughter’s or son’s view, is not easy. A father gives effort, money and time to his family. He has to maintain balance between his work and his family. He is the “provider”, the breadwinner. He gives us, together with our mother, what we need and what we want. A father works 6 days a week, 8 hours a day and has only 1 day for rest. ….then back to work. All these, he does because of his love for his children.

While both parents are vital to their children’s development, the role of dads has been getting more attention in recent years. The day-to-day pressures of two-income households, and the simple desire of more fathers to be an active presence in their kid’s lives. The way the world has been changing, so does the inequality in the household load. Yes, dads are now getting actively involved in everything from been dropping vegetables in the kitchen to changing soiled diapers to going to the grocers and much more.

Unconditional love is very common among fathers but only a few can express it. Fathers may not be perfect in terms of their physical or mental state but they are perfect in terms of giving and showing love. The most important gift a father can give may be emotional support. So do not wait for Father’s Day , to thank him or to make and feel him special….. appreciate the love that our father gives every single day , because he has helped us to become who we are today.

Love u Dad!!! This post is dedicated to every single father because you deserve the best.

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