May 9

Backpack …..The Gateway To Heaven !!!

It has been really a long time since I last posted any travelogue after my  trip to  Ladakh.

It’s almost has been a week being back from our trip. But must say , what a wonderful gift your family can give you on your Anniversary is by travelling together and exploring places together with you. This has been bestest gift ever we can get. This Anniversary has been really very special and very close to our heart. We initially thought that we will travel abroad so before finalizing this trip …..many abroad destinations were thought of .But then came a thought why not explore many beautiful places in India itself as we love staying close to nature. Our trip can be easily summed up in three words : Beauty, Pristine and Adventurous.

Let’s first get acquainted with Haridwar.

Our visit to Haridwar worked as a “soul cleanser”. Haridwar is gateway to witness Hindu culture and rituals. It attracts a large number of pilgrims all year round and witnessing to the evening ganga aarti with hundreds of diya’s floating on the ganges is a mesmerizing sight.

  • Har – Dwar (Har means Shiva)
  • Hari – Dwar (Hari is another name for Vishnu)

This scared town of haridwar is considered to be one of the holiest cities in India. Here, Devotees come down to haridwar in droves to bathe their sins……away in the ganga flowing through this temple town, all year around.

Happy Faces after Ganga Aarti………

We had a plan to attend evening Ganga Aarti at Har Ki Pauri. It was really very peaceful, soulful and delightful to become a part of Ganga Aarti at Har Ki Pauri. These were the moments of happiness….. as we were living those cheerful moments. My in- laws were very happy and the joy and delight which I could see on their faces were priceless. Truly blessed to be part of it.


After aarti ,we headed towards our hotel. Because the next day we have kept it for all temple darshan.

 Dev Darshan

The famous Mansa Devi temple and the Chandi Devi Temple are both atop on mountains. Mansa Devi Temple which is one of the three Siddh Peeths in Haridwar can be reached in two ways: on foot or by cable car. Cable-car (called as Udankhatola) service is one of its kind. Walking requires a one and a half kilometer hike uphill. The track is not much distant but the exertion can be draining during the summer months. Hence, many people prefer to take the cable car (also referred to as a rope way) up, and walk down.When you look down from that cable car all you experience is the joy and excitement of bonding with the eternity and the majestic beauty of Haridwar. As you go up and up you’ll see the whole route of Ganges which is heavenly.

Best Time to visit Haridwar

If you see, even on normal day Haridwar is abuzz with activities. Summers are considered ideal to visit here. During this time……you will be treated to the spectacle of glittering lamps over the ghats of Haridwar. Also, the most unique and mesmerizing scene is certainly the ganga aarti at the Har Ki Pauri (literally meaning lord’s steps).

Second best time to visit Haridwar , will be good during winter when the climate is nice and chilly. Monsoon can be difficult time to travel as you will face many roadblocks during this time.

After the darshan , we checkout  from our hotel and headed towards  Rishikesh.


We were really enjoying the weather as well as the way with a lot of curiosity in mind because it was our very first visit to  Rishikesh. The scenic beauty on the way was captivating and enjoyable. We witnessed many temples on the way too. The distance from Haridwar to Rishikesh is hardly 30Kms and it takes approx one hour to reach there by car.

The glorious attraction of Rishikesh is none other than the great river Ganges herself, running rapidly throughout the city. In the ancient time and still so many yogis, rishis, sages and sannyasis attracted to Rishikesh to practice yoga in this peaceful location. Since then, Rishikesh has known as an abode of sages. Rishikesh is a holy town with so many Ashrams and it is famous for the yoga world wide. Rishikesh is now world famous as a Yoga Capital of the world. Every year during the March month one week long International yoga festival is hosted by Rishikesh.

Laskhman Jhula: Big iron suspension bridge on the river Ganges which is 4.5 kms far from Rishikesh. It is believed that Lakshman (Brother of lord Ram) crossed the river here by jute rope. Laskman Jhula is popular in tourist for shopping and other activities such as rafting.

I loved the stay here. How about if I ask you do you love camping? The thought of setting up a tent in the hills excites you like nothing in this world ? Yes … our stay was at the camp.

While rafting is a popular adventrous activity in Rishikesh. It also offers camping. The scenic beauty here is absolutely breath- taking. Here, the Camps were set on the sandy riverside with holy rivers flowing in its full supermacy.

Experience The Awe of Nature by River Rafting in Rishikesh 

Soon after the light and quick breakfast, we prepped for the main act and the reason why I was in Rishikesh – River Rafting. Yes, River Rafting was new to me . Always liked the sport but never got an opportunity to explore it. When we were in Ladakh, there also we had an option of river rafting but the flow of water did not excite us at that moment. Everyone told me that if you wanna try rafting , Rishikesh is the best place to be. Dreams do come true. Always dreamt to be in Rishikesh, to perform this sport and was very happy that here I was finally experiencing it and had loads of fun.

The safety stretch was divided in six levels ( sweet 16, cross fire, the blind mice, the wall, roller coaster and the golf course). With each rise in the level of rapids grew in strength. For almost an hour and half covering 16 km stretch we rowed with strength the powerful rapids .Initially was bit nervous, has it was new to me. But they say na ,” One Life why not make it Large”. Awwwwww….. truly adventurous!!!

Travelling builds tolerance and tolerance builds peace. It was truly wonderful to be here. The electrifying energy in the atmosphere is an experience, that cannot be translated into words, it has to be felt and experienced.




February 27

Aura Of Shiva and Its Principle In Our Life !!!

They say a picture is worth a thousand words.

Om Namah Shivaya ……. one of the very powerful mantras which builds the energy in your system and clears the environment and are those energizing sounds which help to uplift the consciousness.

Mantras are greater than the power of the horoscope. Whatever be the effects of the planets, you can remove them by chanting Om Namah Shivaya.

It’s  first Monday after Maha Shiv Ratri , it is a day when we pray to Lord Shiva, the lord of destruction. But there is more to Lord Shiva than simply being the only God. He has multiple shades to his personality, and is one god who can truly teach us the wisdom to live life and incorporate certain key principles into our personal and professional life.

Here are things Lord Shiva symbolizes and what we learn from such imagery.

Third Eye

Symbolism : Seeing with the mind’s eye, beyond what’s visible

Ever looked at a task and thought about how impossible or unattainable it is? Well, that is where this principle comes in. The third eye of Lord Shiva symbolises that we must not always believe what we see until we are able to see it from the mind’s eye. This means whenever we face an adverse circumstance, then we must not keep on thinking about what we see in front of us. Rather than focusing on the problem by its visual appeal, we must focus on the topics that are beyond the problems. We must give our mind enough time to think about the solution to the problem and must perceive the situation from all the aspects. So, if it is losing weight  to fit into a size zero dress, eating right for a whole month or giving up an addiction,remember that  it is all attainable if you simply put your mind to it.

Matted Hair

Symbolism : Unison of mind, body and soul 

Whether we want to focus better at work, study harder, concentrate better or aim at achieving better health condition, then a unison between your mind, body and spirit is key to achieving anything.  If we are able to focus on our mind, boy and soul, then we can peacefully carry on our tasks and a peaceful mind helps in releasing the happy hormones that keeps us protected from stress and tensions. When we work peacefully, we save our energies in doing constructive things and we are able to face difficulties with a smile on our face.



Symbolism : Controlling your ego, mind and intellectual self.

Lord Shiva’s weapon Trishul is the indicator of controlling your ego, mind and intellectual self. If you are challenged to do something which your mind does not permit and out of ego, you do it to show off yourself, then you have no control over your mind, intellect and ego. Uncontrolled ego can be your biggest enemy and may destroy your individualistic charm. It may make you angry, irritated and frustrated and such people are mostly disliked by everyone. You need to think logically from your mind and keep aside your ego and stay grounded. If you have complete control on your mind, then you will able to take better decisions and you will feel great when you express your true self. Instead of letting your ego kill your beautiful persona, kill it and see how much people will start adoring you. So whether you want to function better at work, at your studies or simply live a stress free life.

Mediative Pose 

Symbolism : Level of concentration


In today’s busy life, people are constantly in stress regardless of their age and they find it difficult to keep themselves focused. Being calm during your everyday battles can not only help you sort issues out with better clarity but it also helps you stay healthier. So whether it is an irritating colleague, an annoying co-passenger in the crowded trains or simply something else that is irritating, breath in deep and calm your mind. Remember decisions made in anger are usually bad ones.

Thus highlighting the fact that you can win half the battle just by being calm in a stressful situation. It’s really the best strategy to sorting out a problem.

Vibhuti (Bhasama)

Symbolism : Everything in Life is temprorary, even your own body

Nothing lasts forever, even our body! Life is momentary, whatever is happening now is temporary and shall never last forever. If you have everything you wished for, enjoy NOW! If you are going through a hard time, Don’t Worry, It will be over!!!

Simply live the NOW! Once, you understand this; you will never have to regret about your past or present again.

You did not bring anything with you when you were born and you will take nothing when you go from here. Only your soul is immortal. Keep your soul clean by living life with content and happiness while keeping others happy too.

However, it doesn’t mean that you completely give up on everything, just make sure that you don’t turn commitments into obsessions.

Blue throat

Symbolism: Suppression of the evil (anger)

Shiva once drunk some deadly poison that was thrown up by the ocean , in order to protect the world’s inhabitants. Shiva kept the poison at the level of his neck, because if he let it reach his stomach it would have been harmful. Therefore his neck is dark blue, which is the color of the poison.

The poison represents all the negativity and evil in the world. The negativity and evil tendencies are symbolized by the poison. But it is important not to allow this poison to actually affect and harm us . It is easy to unknowingly take up negativity if we are surrounded by it, but through vigilance and care this can be avoided. This is the meaning of “keeping the poison at the neck”, whereby it is kept at a level that we can manage without allowing it to poison us.

So the next time you feel angry go work out, go for a run or simply take up a form of martial arts. Not only will this keep you healthy it will also make you very happy.

Snake Around his Neck

Symbolism: Controlling of one’s Ego

The snake around the neck of Lord Shiva symbolizes the controlling of one’s ego so that you can be free both physically and mentally. Ego is your worst enemy, so let it go!

It is your ego that comes between your goals and your dreams, and makes you a less loving person. It is said that Shiva carried his trishul to keep his ego in check. He never let his ego get the better of himself. On the other hand, nor did he tolerate anyone else’s ego.


Symbolism: Respect your better half

Shiva was ‘Ardhanarishwar’, where half of him was Parvati. He treated Parvati with utmost respect and care. She was his ‘shakti’ and he gave her the importance she deserved.


Symbolism: Getting Rid Of Evil

Lord Shiva’s musical instrument, Damroo is a significance of getting rid of evil and unnecessary desires from the body. Eliminating evil from the body means cleansing your body and making it free from diseases through proper exercise and healthy diet. You must bring some activeness into your life in the form of exercise and yoga and must have control on your untimely food cravings. You must take utmost care of your health and develop high will power through exercising.


Symbolism: Purification Of Mind

Kamandalam or Water pot of Lord Shiva symbolises purification of mind. You have lived your life worthlessly if you have not eliminated negativity from your mind and focused on positivity. Pessimistic approach drains your knowledge, talent and skills and kills your soul’s beauty. Negativity attracts stress, tensions, poor health and you are least likely to cherish the life given to you. You need to opt positive approach in your life to help your mind think productively and to enjoy life with a cheerful SMILE on your face.

Goddess Ganga Trapped In his head

Symbolism: Don’t Ignore minute details while taking decisions.

Holy Ganga river flowing down from the matted hair of Lord Shiva signifies clarity and understanding of everything. Many times, we take decisions on the basis of handful of knowledge that we have with us. We tend to ignore having complete details about the matter before pronouncing our decision. Be it at workplace, relationships, fitness routine, studies, etc, we jump into conclusions by getting influenced from other people without proper understanding of the matter. But this can lead us in taking wrong decisions which may give rise to many other problems in future. So the next time you confront a situation where you have incomplete details, don’t embark upon a decision on basis of other’s advices. Trust your knowledge and then take decisions.

That is the reason I called this article as “Aura Of Shiva” because his key principles in life will help us to achieve mental peace and deal with any situation in life.

Om Namah Shivaya


February 21

Don’t Snooze…Just Lose It !!!

Take care of your body . It’s the only place you have to live”. – Jim Rohn

So rightly said, If you to want achieve anything in life, everything starts here.

The other day, I was playing this Badminton game. I saw this lady from my own residential area was sitting for a very long time in bench and chatting on phone.

I asked her, Why don’t you join us ? It will be more fun !!

She said , “Are you crazy, look at my age and moreover my weight. This game is not for me where I have to constantly move my hand and body. Moreover, my kids will laugh at me watching their mom playing this game.

She was merely 35 yrs old…….thought came to my mind, does her age has anything to do with playing this game or any game for that matter, because age is only and only a number and how it can define someone. Also, about weight because I always think that if you have an ass, then just move it …..rather then sitting and hatching eggs on them.

Women constantly carry this burden of the assumption that we’re supposed to put children, education, home etc. over own health, fitness, wellness. The next time you feel that stabbing guilt when you make your way to the gym, reason with yourself, if I have to work out at my best ….Mother at my best, play all the multiple role I have chosen for myself with ease and without being tired and irritated, then I must invest my time wisely and spend time strengthening and nurturing my physical body.

Multitasking is a Key to Busy Mom’s Fitness

Whether you’re the mother of a newborn bundle of joy, or a small army of cyclonic toddlers and teens, you know getting a few minutes to yourself can be a difficult task. When you do get a few moments to yourself, odds are you don’t want to spend them exercising. After all, when personal time is at a premium, you want to spend it doing something you enjoy. But, believe it or not, exercise can be enjoyable, too.I do know that most women will be left with very little time to themselves and then, of course , there are simply too many “valid reasons” (excuses) as to why we must postpone exercising to Tomorrow/ Monday/Next Month/Next Year or may be after little “chutoku”starts going to school or after their graduation.

Frankly, we should be working out and keeping fit out for our own necessity and not out of some pressure to stay or look thin. We all have to realize that it is important for all daughters, mothers, sisters, aunties, grandmothers to indulge in hard core physical activity and sports . It is seen especially in some families that father in law will tell everybody that they insisted that their “Bahu” finishes her education and did everything to ensure that she can pursue it post marriage without any disturbance…..which in turn is a very good thing. Similarly, they need to talk about their fitness in the same way. “I told my “Bahu” no giving up on your game/gym/morning run/yoga “…..which sounds like million dollar to hear something like this.

Education, of course, affects and improves not just the life of the women directly but also that of her children, family or world at large. The same reasons are valid for women to remain physically fit. It’s the physically fit who will be the leaders, game changers, thinkers, scientists , path – breakers. Yoga , Running, Weight Training, swimming, playing a game , dancing , group exercise etc – everything works. But there should be always need to start.

Fitness is honestly like a Marriage, if you cheat on it you cannot expect it to work for you. Fitness is not about the body, it’s about mind.

I am really thankful to my mother, who has since childhood pushed me towards exercise and physical learning by setting a fine example herself.

Rise and Shine Mothers & Fathers  it’s up to you – to push your girls hard, push them to exercise , physical learning and setting a fine example.

Love yourself, harder everyday and watch how your life changes. All too often we focus on the people,  the problems that let us down but in reality the only person who has control over your happiness is you.  The only trick to feeling fulfilled and having a purpose is to love yourself,  with all your flaws, all your problems and your let downs. Because  everyday , in every-way, we will be only getting better & better.

Happy Reading…….Till then Click, Like and Share!!!

February 14

Don’t Spell Love…..Just Feel It!!!

Last night, as the clock struck 12’o clock …..My Husband wished me ,”Happy Valentine’s Day My Love”. I wished him back the same. He then looked at me and asked , “So where is my gift ???”. I told him, ” Hon…Aren’t I am your biggest gift??? I laughed and questioned him back. “You are and you will be always my biggest gift…par “Dil Toh Baccha Hain Ji “He replied back.

Valentine’s Day, The most controversial day of the year in my opinion. To brings happiness, warmth and love to some people and at the same time it brings sadness and feelings of loneliness to the others.

Love is NOT the highly commercialized circus we see on Valentines Day. It is much deeper and much profound than sending someone a dozen roses at hugely inflated prices. It is much more than candle light dinners and fancy chocolates.It seems we are madly glamouring for this special day of love, as if all it takes to prove and validate our love is just one day of being nice to our partner. It is amusing to see so many people rushing around to prove their true love for that “special” person in their life. But what happens when the roses have died and the chocolates have all been gobbled up ?

No doubt that love is the most amazing thing in our lives . It what makes life worth living. Nothing else truly matters. Love is much greater than what we feel romantically. Its that time of the year when the entire world is split into three different groups. I am  sure that each of us has been a member of one of these three groups at a certain point of life. Each group deserves its own plan for V- Day.

Group A – People who are happy with their partners.

Their biggest problem now is how to come up with the most romantic plan for V Day or how to buy the best present. It is even more likely that they do not even have this problem because they match each other so perfectly that they have already planned the most amazing day of the year. They love each other and they do not need any artificial and material signs that will prove their feelings for each other. They are happy in their present state.


Group B – The couples who have lost the spark.

Valentine’s Day for them is the day that brings a lot of headaches. They are together but at the same time they are not really together. They have lost the initial spark that brought them together and now they are just two people living with each other. V Day is an occasion for them to apologize or to try to patch up their relationship. A lot of times this day brings only more misunderstandings because he forgot to buy flowers, he didn’t make reservations and all the restaurants have at least a 2-hour wait now. These couples need some help and creativity to make their Valentine’s Day a happy day by remembering those old days or may be grateful to your partner for little thing she or he does for you.


Group C – Singles.

Single people usually have two reactions to V – Day. The first one is “What is all the hype about? It is just a day that is not even a real holiday.” The second reaction is “I am so miserable and lonely. Nobody loves me and never will.” Even singles can have a great time on Valentine’s Day and they do not need to be sad this day. It’s all about love so all you can do is share some love for yourself or probably do something which you have been dreaming for very long time may be mini retreat or pamper yourself or cook amazing dinner for yourself. Forget about …..Valentine’s Day  has been popularized just to spend money on flowers, cards, gifts etc. Just ignore them and  think about how much money you are saving this year.

I happily belong to the first group and I am planning to stay there happily ever after. So what group do you belong to???

Whatever group you may be in always remember, Love is not meant to enjoy that one grand day in year its much more than that, it lies in small appreciating moments that we do for each other everyday.

Happy Valentine’s Day.


Always Stay Happy and Blessed.


January 18

Being a Father !!!

The Moment a Child is born, the Mother is also born…. as she never existed before. Something absolutely new to her but what about Father??? If one gives life….then the other teaches how to live life.

The Role of the Father is less defined in our society than the Role of the Mother. Definitely the role as a Mother is tough ….neither it’s been easier for a  father. Life also changes for him when you have a child, when you have your own family. He becomes more careful . You’re not going to be out late, going out to clubs, hanging out with your friends. You’re going to be at home, taking care of your kids, playing with them.

 A father is every daughter’s first Love and every son’s first Hero!!!

Because every daughter knows no matter what, he will be never break her heart and every son knows that no matter what, difficulties life may throw upon him he will always  be strong and face them.

A father’s love is irreplaceable. He may love his child differently, but it always comes from his heart. Nothing in this world can replace the feeling that our father’s love can give us.

Fathers are the perfect beings to show love. They may not be as expressive as our mother, cute like our brother or super jolly like our sister, but in the end, they are the ones who deeply cares enough about us. One who is solid foundation of our lives. They are the shore we swim to when our arms and legs feel increasingly tired and also the strength we rely on as we take our first tentative steps into our world. His sacrifice, unconditional love gives us time to think and realize that what we have given back to our father.

First of all, a father’s love is eternal. Dads can be Tender, Tough, Fragile or Powerful at times …..but they are probably the most uncomplicated love we will ever know.  He will be there to guide you as you grow up to lead you to a better future. Even though he has disabilities, he will do his best to be there for you. He was there from the first second of your life and still will be there till your last breath.

Secondly, in connection with this love the father can give, he also teaches his child . When a father tries to discipline his child, the child sometimes misunderstands what his father is trying to do. It causes quarrel sometimes between the two , that may lead to rebellion. But all he wanted is to bring out the best in his child and lead this child to a good future because for him his child is the source of his happiness.

Have you ever notice, When a father throws his child up in the air ……..there is always a trust and confidence in child that his dad is there to catch him. This builds the foundation of healthy, long-term emotional growth.

Mothers often guide their children’s play by showing kids how their toys work, teaching them about functionality and rules. Fathers have often been observed engaging in a different kind of play: teaching children how to use toys and everyday objects in unexpected ways.

Lastly, a father’s love is with no doubt, unconditional. No matter what will happen, he will always love you. He will give up everything for the better of his child. He will face every trial unconditionally just to give what is best for his child. He would really do everything for his love for his child.

Being a father, in a matured daughter’s or son’s view, is not easy. A father gives effort, money and time to his family. He has to maintain balance between his work and his family. He is the “provider”, the breadwinner. He gives us, together with our mother, what we need and what we want. A father works 6 days a week, 8 hours a day and has only 1 day for rest. ….then back to work. All these, he does because of his love for his children.

While both parents are vital to their children’s development, the role of dads has been getting more attention in recent years. The day-to-day pressures of two-income households, and the simple desire of more fathers to be an active presence in their kid’s lives. The way the world has been changing, so does the inequality in the household load. Yes, dads are now getting actively involved in everything from been dropping vegetables in the kitchen to changing soiled diapers to going to the grocers and much more.

Unconditional love is very common among fathers but only a few can express it. Fathers may not be perfect in terms of their physical or mental state but they are perfect in terms of giving and showing love. The most important gift a father can give may be emotional support. So do not wait for Father’s Day , to thank him or to make and feel him special….. appreciate the love that our father gives every single day , because he has helped us to become who we are today.

Love u Dad!!! This post is dedicated to every single father because you deserve the best.

January 1

Get Set ……Travel Solo!!!

“One who follows the crowd will usually go no further than the crowd…..but one who walks alone is likely to find themselves in the place no one has ever been before.” – Anonymous

It all starts with a panic but slowly turns out to be something great. Especially, if it’s your solo trip. Travelling Solo does a lot to you. It gets you out of your comfort zone in every way. Between meeting new people, eating new food and discovering a new destination on your own it’s a massive learning experience.

The best thing about travelling solo is that you realize you can do things on your own, that you really didn’t think you could. You overcome Situations you may have never thought you would be in – like having to eat  at a restaurant alone. It’s not as terrifying as it sounds , it’s actually quite relaxing.



Travelling solo does not always mean you’re all alone. Most Often, you meet marvelous people along the way and make connections that last a lifetime. When you’re travelling with someone else, you share each discovery but when you are alone… have to carry each experience with you, like a  secret, something you have to write on your heart because there’s no other way to preserve it.


For someone who rarely spend significant time alone , you may be surprised at how enjoyable it can be. When was the last time you truly listened to only yours thoughts and entertained only your dreams. Depending on the destination, Solo Trip, can be powerful may be life changing experience. Imagine sitting on a peaceful beach at sunset without having to make conversation with anyone. You are great company for yourselves.

Solo Travel can work for any one anyone , whether you are extrovert or introvert. But if you are born extrovert, it can be wonderful way to meet locals and make new friend. Often its seen that people who travel alone alone appear more approachable then others. The key is to to keep on open mind while keeping safety in mind, especially in a foreign land.

Do everything you want….you are not obliged to entertain anyone but yourself. For instance, If you want to “waste” the day sitting at an outdoor bar drinking- Mojitos instead of sightseeing you won’t have to answer anyone.

While its wonderful to share, a special trip with your friends, family or with your partner in crime. But has it is always said if you don’t get out of the box you have been raised in, you won’t understand how much bigger the world is. The purpose of life is live it , to taste experience to the utmost, to reach out eagerly and without a fear for newer and richer experience.

Beyond that, Pack your Bag and Go Explore! The World Is Waiting !!!

November 3

Get Back To Life…..Not Weight!!!

Is your weighing scale haunting you ??????



Whenever I meet my friend, she only starts her conversations surround her weight. How much weight she has lost or gained everyday. In a way, she has become so obsessed with her own weight that she keeps check on it every single  day and ensures that she does not leaves her house without checking her last number on scale. GOSH!!! I mean, what’s wrong with us ? Whom are we trying to please and at what cost ?

I am sure like her there are many people who keep doing this enormous activity. Why should  scale become an emotional barometer of whether you succeeded or failed. If you have gained a pound, then very often that will lead to emotional depression. If you have lost a pound, then very often you feel like rewarding yourself. In short, being on the scale tends to have a YO-YO effect on both your emotions and weight.

Two big problems with checking your body weight :

1. The weighing scale are never accurate.

2. And this is the bigger one – Your body weight is in no way an indicator of your health, fitness and beauty.

I think we pretty much understand the first problem. No matter where we go we make sure that we weigh our self. May be in your bathroom, gym scale or on doctor’s scale. They will be never be accurate.

Just to see that number on a weighing scale that we have targeted for our body ……..god knows what all our body goes through.

Trust me you won’t need a scale to tell you whether you on the right track or not. The only thing is our approach has to be more in a holistic ways. Now, What does holistic ways mean?

So let’s try and put this holistic approach in words  :

  • Are you waking up fresher ?
  • Have your cravings decreased ?
  • Are you feeling ligther in your body ?
  • Are you feeling inspired to do exercise ?
  • Is your skin feeling or looking fresher ?
  • Are you feeling hunger very often ?
  • Is your dress which was not fitting you earlier started fitting you ?
  • And most important , Are you smiling often 🙂 ?

If you, answered in affirmative to most questions, congrats, you are in love with yourself. And also you are, on the way to losing fat in a right way? The right way being the one that is do able, sustainable and enjoyable.

So, here you go you have set yourself free from checking your body weight and ready to enjoy the life to its fullest .

So, sell off that weighing scale and donate that money for a good cause. Weighing scale not belong to the women of today. So don’t let your happiness or sadness depend on a number, move on. There’s is much more to life .

Stay Healthy and Happy !!!


September 30

Warning: Sitting is the New Smoking !!!



“Sitting is the new smoking.” Yes, these five words will change your life. This simple phrase sums up so much of what everyone of us struggle with today. In school, we sit at our desks most of the day. At work, we sit at our desks and stare at the computer screen most of the day. Many of us also sit in our cars and drive them everywhere they need to go.

Then, after a long day we get home and continue our sitting regiment at our computer or on the couch to watch television. It’s a tough cycle to break because school and most jobs essentially require us to sit for long periods of time.


We sit at our desks typing, drawing and interacting with our computers. Our bodies were simply not designed to sit for that long. We don’t move as much throughout the day as we need to and we eat the wrong “comfort” foods in order to offset our lack of energy. It’s a really destructive downward spiral. And then we wonder why we are facing weight issues.

The answer is simple and we’ve known it all our lives: “Eat Sensible ,  Sleep More and Exercise “. The problem is as our 8 hour work days become 10 and 12 hour days (often including the weekends), we’re finding less and less time to live the healthy lifestyle that our bodies require. Even if we take the time to get up at 6 am and go to the Gym, all that great work is met with a much larger sedentary lifestyle.

I really feel that Mumbai is one such place which makes the smartest city and sometimes it  so acts to be  smart that we do not even make out to the smartest city who have this mass transport which no other city in the world has to make move you – Local Train (cheapest mode of transport). Its an everyday challenge to get inside the local train and once you are in there ………you get free massage on front and back .  Because people do not even have the time to move very often because of which even if we stand in the local train ………..the train takes all its efforts to make them move so that they  do not put much effort in moving . Jokes Apart !!!!!

At first glance, you might be thinking that not sitting at work would be extremely difficult. You have a chair at your desk, a chair at your conference room, a chair in the break room, a chair in the waiting room of your appointment, and just about anywhere you want to be. But if you can start to associate sitting down with smoking, your body immediately reacts differently. You want to pop up in your chair and get your blood flowing–which, it turns out, is exactly what you need.

What is that making us fatter and fatter by  every passing year , I have three assess for you –

  1. Sitting.
  2.  Stressing.
  3. Smart- Phoning.

Influence of this on our daily life needs to be reduced so you

  1. Sit Less.
  2. Take less Stress.
  3.  Make less use of Phone.

Definitely, it goes without saying that if you do sit as much ………you end up not smart phoning as much then surely you will make time for exercise. If not daily then we all have at least 150 minutes per week to do exercise ( i.e 2 and half hour per week) . Which is surely possible if you can plan for it . Yes, Planning as we do for our PPF , Income – Tax returns etc. Planning for your Health from today will surely  make you better in person and exploring for more opportunities further.

Is Sitting More Unhealthy Than Smoking???????


Tips to Get Off the Couch

  1. Have regular breaks: Take time to look away from the computer screen or whatever you are doing, and maybe stretch, even if only for a minute or two. Try taking a break every 30 minutes or once . 


2. Look for opportunities that allow you to stand and work: Try standing up when using the phone. Stand up during meetings or teleconferences, and invite other attendees to join you for the meeting upstanding.


3. Move away from your desk: Walk to talk to your colleagues instead of sending them emails or calling.

4. Walk and talk : For small meetings try having a walking meeting outside. Take a small notebook and a pen to jot down notes while you are on the go, if necessary. You may find that it helps the meeting go quicker too.


5. Take the stairs: Best exercise for your legs .In fact, climbing stairs is similar in intensity to cycling or jogging.Climb one or more floors instead of taking the elevator, and get your heart pumping a bit before settling into your chair.


And here’s a Bonus Tip…. drink more water. Not only will you stay hydrated, but you’ll need to visit the water source – and probably the bathroom – more often too :P:P:P

Meanwhile, if you have advice on how to incorporate movement into your day, please share it with your fellow readers in the comments section below.

September 8


Babies are spending hours on smart devices before they can even talk ????

I still vividly remember how my five month old niece – Aaryan was smitten by his parents’ cellphone. As soon as someone in the room taps a screen, the boy tilts his head in their direction. Once he gets his hand on a phone, he stares at it without blinking, tapping the screen and clicking on buttons all the time. No matter how much you try to divert his attention , his eyes are just glued to the phone. He struggles to hold the device in his tiny little hands , but he’s still always grabbing at it .

At this my worried sister says, ” I have always been against toddlers being given gadgets. Now , to think that my son is showing an inclination at such a young age is very worrying “.


It’s not she alone  who is worried on this issue, infact parents around the world are becoming worried too. According to recent research , it stated that babies as little as six months old are playing with cellphones, with more than 33% of the 370 babies surveyed, in the six months to four age group , tapping on smartphones and tablets even before they learn to walk or talk . By the age of one, they are playing on or with the devices for at least  an hour a day. And as they grow, they become so so addicted to it .

Though lets says that , 75% parents might be using mobile devices to distract their children while doing household work but there are remaining 25% who admitted that they use to calm a child  or put a child to sleep.

Crying baby of one year old in crib

There comes where they cannot do without it . They can’t cope and become addicted, reacting with tantrums and uncontrollable behaviour when taken away from them. Then as they grow older, the problem only gets worse. Even the most shy kids, when they hit their teens, suddenly want to become sociable and popular.


Well if we look on the other side of the coin……It’s not just kids who are overdoing screen time. Parents are often just as guilty of spending too much time checking smartphones and e-mail — and the consequences for their children can be troubling.

Doctors and parents are now becoming increasingly concerned over childrens’ use of tablet PC’s and cellphones. I personally believe and have seen that gadgets tend to make children mechanical , cutting them off from the real world which in return can hamper their social skills.

The solution often lies in the hands of parents ……….who need to involve children in activity that are more interesting  than the gadgets and lead by example. If a child sees parents  take part in an outdoor  activity , they will find that activity much more attractive. Parents should limit their own gadget use in the front of children. Kids should not be given toys that are replicas of gadgets . Find time to sit with them, no matter how busy you are. Read to them , play with them . And, if they are old enough, explain to them why you are rationing their gadget use.

Look away from screen and spend some quality time looking , listening and speaking to your baby to give them the best start in their learning life. Because , Our Children are Our Future .




August 4

Ka! Sharing The Load with Ki!

Do you Share the Load with your Partner????

Was watching  Ariel’s  advert, last night, where the brand has asked if laundry is only a woman’s duty and asks men to do their part……………

One of the most pressing issues of all times is that of gender equality. While media portrays and society gives us hints that women have broken the glass ceiling, there seems to be a slightly nastier truth hidden behind it. The truth of the unequal distribution burden of domestic work. An attempt to highlight the fact that while women may be making great leaps in her professional life, in her own house she is probably doing just the same amount of work she did before.

“Share the load” is a call to action for people, men in particular, to share the burden of household chores with their beloved.This is something which I do not agree with!!!! The way the world has been changing, so does the inequality in the household load. Yes, the Indian male has been dropping vegetables in the kitchen, changing soiled diapers, going to the grocers and much more. The good news is that in most urban Indian homes the husband has voluntarily given up his insular position and no longer chooses to distance himself from the hurly- burly of the household.

Surely, the change did not come overnight. Sparks were provided by thankful people migrating  to new city for jobs , the growth of more  nuclear family and to add to it the high cost of living. Further, the fact that many present day marriages are not arranged affairs anymore, which in return is having more understanding relationship between Man and Wife. The wife is not keen to prove that she is equal to her husband.

Like the father in ad, blames himself for passing on his prejudice to the next generation, it is very easy to take the things that way but this generation gap has not only been the gap of decades but also an evolution of different emotional feelings in a couple. Hasn’t the scenario changed from their generation to ours? Haven’t we progressed in our thinking? Haven’t our priorities and lifestyles changed? Today, a couple considers sharing as the best way to show care and build stronger sentiments towards each other.

The present generation has their life moving at such a fast pace that the little time they get to spend with each other, they want to utilize it to their best and with this comes the sharing of load automatically!  My husband, from whom  I actually learned the tips and tricks of  cooking or you can say cooking was only and only after marriage and till today I  am learning  and experimenting each day  with food whenever he is in the Kitchen. He believes in “Sharing the Load”. He does so only to enjoy some bonding moments with ME and not with the intention to share my load but ultimately that’s what the result is! Doing this, he never feels that he is sharing my load because he never labelled his work as only “My Responsibility.” For me, he understanding the fact that I am loaded with work is itself sharing the load. It’s a gesture of love for your wife that speaks to her personally, “I love and value you.”

Unlike him, I have always seen my father-in-law laying a helping hand to my mom-in-law… might be cooking , cleaning vegetables or sharing the load of washing machine.  I truly respect him  for that. No wonder now I got from where, My Husband must have got this nature of “Sharing”. Because he has always seen his father doing so. Big Thank u to  u Dad.

Also, unlike our parents , we who will be upcoming parents of this new generation are also very particular of the  example we are setting for our kids. Thus, we must take every care to give them an environment that is friendly, full of love and sharing . This obviously cannot happen with a frustrating female offloaded with work. Today, men have come forward to share the household load acknowledging the fact that women are sharing their loads too.

In today’s scenario, with both of the partners working and the presence of nuclear families, many of us have become so dependent that if our cook doesn’t turn up, we opt for any of the take away, dine out or home delivery options. Aren’t our husbands sharing our load by happily accepting this and keeping our comfort at priority, otherwise we would have to get into the kitchen and prepare a meal even after being exhausted day at office.


For me sharing the load has an altogether different meaning. It’s not the work that a husband does that counts more but his attitude towards that work that matters to a wife more. Instead of who is doing, who should do or why should I do, partners should practice questions like, what should be done, how it will be done which will itself bring in the reward.

I am blessed to have someone who truly #SharetheLoad 🙂 with me and would suggest all those who don’t, to start doing it now!  After all, It’s never too late to make things right!!!