September 30

Warning: Sitting is the New Smoking !!!



“Sitting is the new smoking.” Yes, these five words will change your life. This simple phrase sums up so much of what everyone of us struggle with today. In school, we sit at our desks most of the day. At work, we sit at our desks and stare at the computer screen most of the day. Many of us also sit in our cars and drive them everywhere they need to go.

Then, after a long day we get home and continue our sitting regiment at our computer or on the couch to watch television. It’s a tough cycle to break because school and most jobs essentially require us to sit for long periods of time.


We sit at our desks typing, drawing and interacting with our computers. Our bodies were simply not designed to sit for that long. We don’t move as much throughout the day as we need to and we eat the wrong “comfort” foods in order to offset our lack of energy. It’s a really destructive downward spiral. And then we wonder why we are facing weight issues.

The answer is simple and we’ve known it all our lives: “Eat Sensible ,  Sleep More and Exercise “. The problem is as our 8 hour work days become 10 and 12 hour days (often including the weekends), we’re finding less and less time to live the healthy lifestyle that our bodies require. Even if we take the time to get up at 6 am and go to the Gym, all that great work is met with a much larger sedentary lifestyle.

I really feel that Mumbai is one such place which makes the smartest city and sometimes it  so acts to be  smart that we do not even make out to the smartest city who have this mass transport which no other city in the world has to make move you – Local Train (cheapest mode of transport). Its an everyday challenge to get inside the local train and once you are in there ………you get free massage on front and back .  Because people do not even have the time to move very often because of which even if we stand in the local train ………..the train takes all its efforts to make them move so that they  do not put much effort in moving . Jokes Apart !!!!!

At first glance, you might be thinking that not sitting at work would be extremely difficult. You have a chair at your desk, a chair at your conference room, a chair in the break room, a chair in the waiting room of your appointment, and just about anywhere you want to be. But if you can start to associate sitting down with smoking, your body immediately reacts differently. You want to pop up in your chair and get your blood flowing–which, it turns out, is exactly what you need.

What is that making us fatter and fatter by  every passing year , I have three assess for you –

  1. Sitting.
  2.  Stressing.
  3. Smart- Phoning.

Influence of this on our daily life needs to be reduced so you

  1. Sit Less.
  2. Take less Stress.
  3.  Make less use of Phone.

Definitely, it goes without saying that if you do sit as much ………you end up not smart phoning as much then surely you will make time for exercise. If not daily then we all have at least 150 minutes per week to do exercise ( i.e 2 and half hour per week) . Which is surely possible if you can plan for it . Yes, Planning as we do for our PPF , Income – Tax returns etc. Planning for your Health from today will surely  make you better in person and exploring for more opportunities further.

Is Sitting More Unhealthy Than Smoking???????


Tips to Get Off the Couch

  1. Have regular breaks: Take time to look away from the computer screen or whatever you are doing, and maybe stretch, even if only for a minute or two. Try taking a break every 30 minutes or once . 


2. Look for opportunities that allow you to stand and work: Try standing up when using the phone. Stand up during meetings or teleconferences, and invite other attendees to join you for the meeting upstanding.


3. Move away from your desk: Walk to talk to your colleagues instead of sending them emails or calling.

4. Walk and talk : For small meetings try having a walking meeting outside. Take a small notebook and a pen to jot down notes while you are on the go, if necessary. You may find that it helps the meeting go quicker too.


5. Take the stairs: Best exercise for your legs .In fact, climbing stairs is similar in intensity to cycling or jogging.Climb one or more floors instead of taking the elevator, and get your heart pumping a bit before settling into your chair.


And here’s a Bonus Tip…. drink more water. Not only will you stay hydrated, but you’ll need to visit the water source – and probably the bathroom – more often too :P:P:P

Meanwhile, if you have advice on how to incorporate movement into your day, please share it with your fellow readers in the comments section below.

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