February 21

Don’t Snooze…Just Lose It !!!

http://kirakazantsev.com/2016/06/ http://paperbookintensive.org/contact/img_1293 Take care of your body . It’s the only place you have to live”. – Jim Rohn

So rightly said, If you to want achieve anything in life, everything starts here.

The other day, I was playing this Badminton game. I saw this lady from my own residential area was sitting for a very long time in bench and chatting on phone.

I asked her, Why don’t you join us ? It will be more fun !!

She said , “Are you crazy, look at my age and moreover my weight. This game is not for me where I have to constantly move my hand and body. Moreover, my kids will laugh at me watching their mom playing this game.

She was merely 35 yrs old…….thought came to my mind, does her age has anything to do with playing this game or any game for that matter, because age is only and only a number and how it can define someone. Also, about weight because I always think that if you have an ass, then just move it …..rather then sitting and hatching eggs on them.

Women constantly carry this burden of the assumption that we’re supposed to put children, education, home etc. over own health, fitness, wellness. The next time you feel that stabbing guilt when you make your way to the gym, reason with yourself, if I have to work out at my best ….Mother at my best, play all the multiple role I have chosen for myself with ease and without being tired and irritated, then I must invest my time wisely and spend time strengthening and nurturing my physical body.

this Multitasking is a Key to Busy Mom’s Fitness

Whether you’re the mother of a newborn bundle of joy, or a small army of cyclonic toddlers and teens, you know getting a few minutes to yourself can be a difficult task. When you do get a few moments to yourself, odds are you don’t want to spend them exercising. After all, when personal time is at a premium, you want to spend it doing something you enjoy. But, believe it or not, exercise can be enjoyable, too.I do know that most women will be left with very little time to themselves and then, of course , there are simply too many “valid reasons” (excuses) as to why we must postpone exercising to Tomorrow/ Monday/Next Month/Next Year or may be after little “chutoku”starts going to school or after their graduation.

Frankly, we should be working out and keeping fit out for our own necessity and not out of some pressure to stay or look thin. We all have to realize that it is important for all daughters, mothers, sisters, aunties, grandmothers to indulge in hard core physical activity and sports . It is seen especially in some families that father in law will tell everybody that they insisted that their “Bahu” finishes her education and did everything to ensure that she can pursue it post marriage without any disturbance…..which in turn is a very good thing. Similarly, they need to talk about their fitness in the same way. “I told my “Bahu” no giving up on your game/gym/morning run/yoga “…..which sounds like million dollar to hear something like this.

Education, of course, affects and improves not just the life of the women directly but also that of her children, family or world at large. The same reasons are valid for women to remain physically fit. It’s the physically fit who will be the leaders, game changers, thinkers, scientists , path – breakers. Yoga , Running, Weight Training, swimming, playing a game , dancing , group exercise etc – everything works. But there should be always need to start.

Fitness is honestly like a Marriage, if you cheat on it you cannot expect it to work for you. Fitness is not about the body, it’s about mind.

I am really thankful to my mother, who has since childhood pushed me towards exercise and physical learning by setting a fine example herself.

Rise and Shine Mothers & Fathers  it’s up to you – to push your girls hard, push them to exercise , physical learning and setting a fine example.

Love yourself, harder everyday and watch how your life changes. All too often we focus on the people,  the problems that let us down but in reality the only person who has control over your happiness is you.  The only trick to feeling fulfilled and having a purpose is to love yourself,  with all your flaws, all your problems and your let downs. Because  everyday , in every-way, we will be only getting better & better.

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