November 3

Get Back To Life…..Not Weight!!!

Is your weighing scale haunting you ??????



Whenever I meet my friend, she only starts her conversations surround her weight. How much weight she has lost or gained everyday. In a way, she has become so obsessed with her own weight that she keeps check on it every single  day and ensures that she does not leaves her house without checking her last number on scale. GOSH!!! I mean, what’s wrong with us ? Whom are we trying to please and at what cost ?

I am sure like her there are many people who keep doing this enormous activity. Why should  scale become an emotional barometer of whether you succeeded or failed. If you have gained a pound, then very often that will lead to emotional depression. If you have lost a pound, then very often you feel like rewarding yourself. In short, being on the scale tends to have a YO-YO effect on both your emotions and weight.

Two big problems with checking your body weight :

1. The weighing scale are never accurate.

2. And this is the bigger one – Your body weight is in no way an indicator of your health, fitness and beauty.

I think we pretty much understand the first problem. No matter where we go we make sure that we weigh our self. May be in your bathroom, gym scale or on doctor’s scale. They will be never be accurate.

Just to see that number on a weighing scale that we have targeted for our body ……..god knows what all our body goes through.

Trust me you won’t need a scale to tell you whether you on the right track or not. The only thing is our approach has to be more in a holistic ways. Now, What does holistic ways mean?

So let’s try and put this holistic approach in words  :

  • Are you waking up fresher ?
  • Have your cravings decreased ?
  • Are you feeling ligther in your body ?
  • Are you feeling inspired to do exercise ?
  • Is your skin feeling or looking fresher ?
  • Are you feeling hunger very often ?
  • Is your dress which was not fitting you earlier started fitting you ?
  • And most important , Are you smiling often 🙂 ?

If you, answered in affirmative to most questions, congrats, you are in love with yourself. And also you are, on the way to losing fat in a right way? The right way being the one that is do able, sustainable and enjoyable.

So, here you go you have set yourself free from checking your body weight and ready to enjoy the life to its fullest .

So, sell off that weighing scale and donate that money for a good cause. Weighing scale not belong to the women of today. So don’t let your happiness or sadness depend on a number, move on. There’s is much more to life .

Stay Healthy and Happy !!!


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