January 1

Get Set ……Travel Solo!!!

“One who follows the crowd will usually go no further than the crowd…..but one who walks alone is likely to find themselves in the place no one has ever been before.” – Anonymous

It all starts with a panic but slowly turns out to be something great. Especially, if it’s your solo trip. Travelling Solo does a lot to you. It gets you out of your comfort zone in every way. Between meeting new people, eating new food and discovering a new destination on your own it’s a massive learning experience.

The best thing about travelling solo is that you realize you can do things on your own, that you really didn’t think you could. You overcome Situations you may have never thought you would be in – like having to eat  at a restaurant alone. It’s not as terrifying as it sounds , it’s actually quite relaxing.



Travelling solo does not always mean you’re all alone. Most Often, you meet marvelous people along the way and make connections that last a lifetime. When you’re travelling with someone else, you share each discovery but when you are alone…..you have to carry each experience with you, like a  secret, something you have to write on your heart because there’s no other way to preserve it.


For someone who rarely spend significant time alone , you may be surprised at how enjoyable it can be. When was the last time you truly listened to only yours thoughts and entertained only your dreams. Depending on the destination, Solo Trip, can be powerful may be life changing experience. Imagine sitting on a peaceful beach at sunset without having to make conversation with anyone. You are great company for yourselves.

Solo Travel can work for any one anyone , whether you are extrovert or introvert. But if you are born extrovert, it can be wonderful way to meet locals and make new friend. Often its seen that people who travel alone alone appear more approachable then others. The key is to to keep on open mind while keeping safety in mind, especially in a foreign land.

Do everything you want….you are not obliged to entertain anyone but yourself. For instance, If you want to “waste” the day sitting at an outdoor bar drinking- Mojitos instead of sightseeing you won’t have to answer anyone.

While its wonderful to share, a special trip with your friends, family or with your partner in crime. But has it is always said if you don’t get out of the box you have been raised in, you won’t understand how much bigger the world is. The purpose of life is live it , to taste experience to the utmost, to reach out eagerly and without a fear for newer and richer experience.

Beyond that, Pack your Bag and Go Explore! The World Is Waiting !!!

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