July 28

The World On A Selfie Stick !!!

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Love it or hate it , 2015 has been , without a doubt , the year of the “Selfie”. Whether you were standing in front of the Eiffel Tower or showing off your new haircut, everyone across your social media platforms knew exactly what you were up to in 2015. And now with the invention of this notorious selfie stick , it seemed that the selfie is for better or worse here to stay.

No matter where you go or what you do, there’s no getting away from death , taxes and yes of course selfie stick . Phewwww!!!!I am serious………Death is something which you cannot escape and till the time we are alive we end up paying taxes for everything . Wonder why selfie stick have been so indispensable for millions who own a smartphone and can hold a smile for 10 sec.

Though taking photos of yourself with your dinky camera has been around for a few years – “Selfie” was the Oxford Dictionary word and the trend is riding the social media wave. Notorious might be a bit of stretch , but a device that started as a harmless tool to help to share vacations has snowballed into a many controversial issue, with selfie sticks increasingly banned around the world for reasons that range from safety to privacy to just plain obnoxious behavior.

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Read somewhere the other day , Walt Disney World ban on selfie sticks earlier this year .The main reason they did this is because it has become a safety concern for guests . Even though selfie stick were never allowed on roller coasters and rides………..but people would still bring them in. Also for that matter, National Gallery in London issued a statement banning selfie sticks as part of its promise to protect paintings and for the overall visitor experience.

But that is not the case everywhere, there are many companies (especially travel and hotel industry )who are capitalizing on the selfie trend as a marketing and promotion tool, realizing it can be a brilliant promotional strategy since guests who show themselves having a wonderful experiences offer priceless free publicity by inspiring their  friends and family back home to have similar experiences. We all love the ‘selfie movement ‘ because it gives a glimpse into what people love about the particular brand and what they are experiencing and feeling deep insight about them.

Nevertheless, the selfie plays a big role in spreading the word about their experience……….as the selfie was about sharing those experiences and telling that story. But many questions also arise whether it is pulling travelers out of “the moment” and more onto internet , just to show that they can alert everyone at home to what they are doing , without actually taking to enjoy.

Is Travel nowadays becoming all about the “Selfie Moment”??????????


What Next??? I think next would be such companies would be wanting to find a way to reward people for continuing to post and share these lovely moments on their page. Using the hashtag #AdoreTheSelfie, participants post a selfie and are automatically entered to win loads of prizes.

A selfie it’s way of capturing a moment that could be of relevance may be socially, economically or emotionally. What they don’t know is that it also tells a world a lot about them. It tells people which traits you want to highlight(party/sporty/geek/nerd)…….your insecurities( may be obsessed with how you look)……your interests (places visited/ things u do) etc.



It isn’t necessarily that the selfie or the selfie stick is wrong-headed, but it has helped somewhere to foster a culture that is obsessed with constant connection, hashtags and followers, seeing the world through a smartphone screen rather than through their own eye in the moment that they are actually experiencing it.


You may love them or simply hate to love them, but selfies are here to stay . Like everything else it only becomes a problem when misused or overused.


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